A savory, portable snack made with love




It is our mission to serve traditional Omusubi, delicious Japanese rice balls also known as “onigiri”, made from high quality and nutrient-rich Japanese rice. We are deeply committed to environmentally friendly agriculture. Through planting and harvesting with our contracted farmers, all of our employees come to appreciate the enormous time and effort spent on growing rice and just how precious each grain of rice is. We gently hand-form our Omusubi with love and gratitude for our farmers.

We continuously work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN. Our engagement in environmentally friendly agriculture allows us to offer healthy and nutrient-rich rice, to protect biodiversity, to reduce water pollution and greenhouse gases, as well as to fulfill our responsibilities for sustainable consumption and production by decreasing food waste.

What’s Omusubi

Handy and portable

Handy and portable.
It works as a snack
or a full meal.
A savory combination of rice and filling wrapped
in Nori(seaweed), Omusubi are a daily staple in Japan.
Palm-sized, handy and portable rice balls work
both as a snack or a full meal. Omusubi can be eaten
as breakfast, an office snack, a light dinner,
packed in a lunchbox, or brought to the park as picnic food.

Nutrition Facts 100g (3.5oz)

Rich in nutrition,
a good source of energy.
Rice, the staple of the Japanese diet since ancient times,
contains not only carbohydrates which are a known
source of energy, but is also rich in nutrition; protein,
vitamins, and minerals. Omusubi is a perfectly balanced
nutritious food, and is also gluten-free and vegan,
depending on your choice of fillings. If you have any dietary concerns, please feel free to ask our staff.

Simple and homey Japanese comfort food

Simple and homey
Japanese comfort food.
The origin of Omusubi dates back about 2300 years
to the Yayoi era(300 BC). Since then, Omusubi,
a simple handmade meal according to family recipes, has been one
of Japan’s favorite comfort foods. By testing various methods,
we've developed our own authentic and delicious Omusubi
with a range of traditional to more modern, creative flavors.


Our Standards

Our Standards

japan map

Farm to hands
gourmet rice grown in fertile paddies
We know exactly where our rice comes from.
Delivering traceable, healthy, and gourmet rice, which our contracted farmers all over Japan grow in fertile paddies according to environmentally friendly agricultural practices, are our steadfast principles. Our rice, grown using less pesticide and chemical fertilizers, tastes sweeter and purer.

Freshly polished rice

makes our Omusubi special

Freshly polished rice
makes our Omusubi special
Transporting unprocessed rice, intact and refrigerated
from Japan, then polishing it in our shop in New York,
are key to the deliciousness of our Omusubi. Because high temperatures cause deterioration of unprocessed rice, polishing too soon may cause rice to oxidize prematurely, leading to a loss of flavor.

Fluffy shiny rice
cooked in-house
by our signature recipe
Our rice is cooked in-house according to our signature recipe
with just the right ratio of water to rice. Simmering rice
in a large rice cooker causes convection, a technique we call “jumping rice”, helping our cooked rice become fluffy and shiny.
It results in moist, succulent rice with a rich taste and nice stickiness.

No better way
than gently
Our Omusubi are made in-house by hand, one by one,
into beautiful triangles, just like our moms used to make. Pressing lightly, never too tightly, helps keep them light and fluffy.