About Ingredients


Our rice is produced in an environmentally friendly manner: fewer agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer are used, which is easier on the environment.
In addition, three of our stores in Japan use rice that has not been exposed to agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizer. We buy rice from different farmers using different seeds of rice so you would enjoy the diversity of rice at each store.


We searched for and finally found a salt that brings out the best flavor in our Omusubi, the sharp saltiness provides a contrast to the natural sweetness of the rice in our Omusubi, creating a well-balanced flavor.


As we searched for a nori/seaweed to complement our Omusubi, we were looking for these three features: the flavor of the sea, crispness, and a fresh flavor even as the Omusubi cools.
Nori companies that work with us select the best quality of nori/seaweed from all over Japan and it pairs perfectly with our Omusubi.


“Organic Chiran Tea” is made from organic JAS (Japan Agricultural Standards) certified tea leaves cultivated in Chiran Town Kagoshima Prefecture. Sixteen tea farmers who belong to the “Nuruki Tea Factory” in Chiran Town are farming the tea leaves without any agricultural chemicals or fertilizers. It was common to use agricultural chemicals and fertilizers for tea cultivation. Then in the year 2000, a tea farmer started organic farming. There was a lot of trial and error such as annihilation of the fields. However, once a way was found the tea had a better flavor than the conventional ones, and organic cultivation spread.
Now all 40 hectares of tea fields produced at the Nuriki Tea Factory are organic JAS certified.
The most important step for organic farming is soil preparation. Using natural fertilizer that is fermented by carefully calculating ingredients such as rice bran and rapeseed dregs. Taking time and effort to soften the soil makes the tea leaves flavorful and tasty. This tea, with its rich aroma and flavor, goes well with our Omusubi.